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HRLR: Constitution





1.   Title


Hull Rugby League Referees Society


2.   Objectives.


To provide a match officiating service as required by the Hull & District Leagues, Service Area, BARLA, and The Rugby Football League.


Promote goodwill and social fellowship between Society members, encouraging mutual respect for opposing opinions and differing priorities.


Debate the Laws of the Game to assist in achieving consistency and uniformity and application.


3.  Officers.


The Society Officers to constitute a Management Committee will comprise a Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Appointments Officer. A quorum of three will formalise a Management Committee meeting convened as required by the Chairman.


4.   Membership.


Active and non-active Rugby League Referee. Prospective new members must demonstrate their knowledge of Laws of the Game and acquire practical experience while serving a thirteen match probationary period after which with management endorsement, they will be considered for full membership.


5.   Subscriptions.


The level of annual subscriptions will be agreed at the Annual General Meeting, payable to the Treasurer no later than midnight 31st August.


Junior members under eighteen years of age and probationary members will not be required to pay subscriptions.


The Society financial year to commence annually on the 1st June.


6.   Ordinary Meetings.


To be held at a venue suitable to the majority of the members on the last Tuesday of each month commencing at 7:30pm barring December.


Representatives to attend external organisations will be appointed at the August meeting.


The agenda will be jointly compiled by the Chairman and Secretary. Voting will bevia a ‘show of hands’ by all active and full members on a simple majority basis. The meeting Chairman shall not vote except when a casting vote becomes necessary but all other Management Committee members can participate.


A ballot may be called at the discretion of the Chairman when a decision is required on a sensitive issue.


Two thirds of the membership in attendance at a meeting will constitute a quorum.


Discussion on any topic may be suspended by the chairman and meetings will terminate by ‘standing orders’ not later than 10:00pm.


7.   Annual General Meeting.


The formal Society business will be transacted at the Annual General Meeting on the last Tuesday in May. Voting arrangements as for ordinary meetings and notification of the meeting must be sent to all members not less than twenty one days prior to the due date.


The agenda to include Chairman’s comments, Secretaries Report, presentation of audited accounts, election of Officers, subscriptions, constitution, the appointment of two Trustees/Cheque Signatories and Development Officer.


Other relevant items notified in writing to the Secretary not later than fourteen days prior to the meeting will be considered by the Management Committee for inclusion on the agenda.


The Management Committee are empowered to convene a Special General Meeting if deemed to be necessary giving a minimum of fourteen days written notice of any such meeting. A seconded proposal supported by at least three members, specifying the requirement to call a Special General Meeting will be subject to approval by the Society Management.


All Officers and other positions defined on the agenda shall retire after completing a two year term of office but be eligible fro re-election. Replacement nominations must have the individuals consent and be notified in writing to the Secretary fourteen days in advance of the meeting date.


Any mid-term vacancies can be included as a special item on the Agenda of an Ordinary Meeting.


8.   Society Records.


All business transacted at meetings to be minuted, normally by the Secretary and presented to the next relevant meeting for discussion and ratification.


Management Committee decisions to be made available to members except when considered to be of a confidential nature – recorded and retained for future reference.


9.   Discipline.


The Society rules, formulated by the Management Committee and subject to annual review will be detailed in a ‘Code of Conduct’ document presented for discussion and approval at the August meeting.


A sub-committee of the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer will consider all disciplinary matters with the power to impose fines, suspensions or a combination of both for proven ‘Code of Conduct’ contraventions.


Fourteen days written notice of a disciplinary hearing with brief details of any alleged indiscretion must be provide to the individual concerned and may include a Committee request for a personal appearance.


An appeals sub-committee comprising of the Deputy Chairman, Appointments Officer and Development Officer will consider any appeals incorporating two main criteria: extenuating circumstances which were not taken into account at the original hearing or the presentation of new evidence. Any documentation from the original disciplinary meeting must be available for the appeals sub-committee perusal.


Written application for a personal individual attendance at any disciplinary or appeals meeting must be submitted to the Secretary at least seven days prior to the meeting taking place and all decisions must be communicated in writing to the member concerned.


10.   Constitution Alteration.


Any proposals for additions or amendments to the Constitution must be notified in writing to the Secretary prior  to the 1st May for Management consideration and possible inclusion on the Annual General Meeting agenda.


11.   Authority.


When urgency precludes convening a full Management Committee meeting the Chairman and Secretary are authorised to make joint decisions on administration with the Chairman and Treasurer having the same authority to make joint decisions on financial matters. Co-option to any Committee or sub- committee is permissible.


12.   Interpretation.


Interpretation of the Constitution and Code of Conduct shall be the prerogative of the Management Committee.



Constitution Version 2 agreed by the Society 29th May 2012.

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